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A must know Facebook updates for 2019

A must know Facebook updates for 2019

A must know Facebook updates for 2019

In 2019, Facebook has undergone significant changes.

With the new mission, Facebook has announced a new logo on the F8 and a lightning-fast Messenger application with end-to-end encryption for mobile apps and brands, as well as the reorganization of the web and mobile applications on F8 and the new desktop application. Here are the new features and changes that appeared on Facebook in 2019.


Focus on privacy and a new mission

Starting his opening speech, Mark Zuckerburg set the tone for the future - he pays more attention to confidentiality. It will bring improvements in privacy settings; go to Facebook and its apps, including Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp. This year, we can expect more space for personalized interactions with more powerful end-to-
end encryption in direct communication or Facebook groups. So, even Facebook cannot read your notes. In 2019, Facebook not only ensures that what we are saying is secure, but will also act to reduce the persistence of the post or message. It means that we can start to see more communication streams and posts with expiration dates, similar to stories of Instagram.

New Facebook logo and redesigned

Get ready for significant aesthetic changes on Facebook!
First, the Big Blue app of the company is fully processed. Soon, the Blue Icon icon will be updated and will now include a smooth white finish. The blue window is updated at the top of the desktop screen.
Also, the new design will provide an excellent opportunity for applications such as group information and personal information. It means that the community and group pages will become more visible in the app, making it easier to publish and interact with other users in the network.

More focus on community groups

It means that you can easily separate articles in your group by feeding your news items and hopefully use them more in a simplified way. For companies, changes provide an excellent opportunity to grow your audience naturally through Facebook groups and create a community of online followers. Also, look for more group recommendations on the application. When Facebook introduces you to a new group, it will be more relevant, and your post will be determined on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger has also been updated

The goal of updating your new Messenger application is smaller and faster. In aesthetic terms, we can expect to prioritize Facebook friends' stories, making it a great place to share confidential messages. Additionally, Facebook is currently testing a feature that lets you choose to watch Facebook videos with friends on Messenger at the same time.
In terms of specifications, the new version of the Messenger application is seven times smaller than and two times as fast as some of the top chat applications on the market. In addition to the title "Lightspeed," the latest version of the app weighs less than 30 MB, and the cold start time is 1.3 seconds. Whereas everything is at the testing stage, Facebook has revealed that a new version of the super-social and ultra-efficient Messenger program can be expected later this year.

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