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Be a Microsoft Certified

Be a Microsoft Certified

Microsoft is known for its Office programs and Windows operating systems. But the company has a much
wider range of products that includes online services (XN, Bing, Advertising), Xbox 360 (games), hardware
(PCs, keyboards, mice, and tablets) and more. The company also has a large certification program that brings
qualified technicians and officials into your system and application products. The acquisition of IT certifications
through the Microsoft Certificate Program shows the competence of the person in a particular IT role and can
carry out all kinds of personal and business benefits.

Microsoft Certification Overview
Currently, the Microsoft Certification Program is divided into 7 chief sections:

  1. Cloud infrastructure and platform: This category includes business information, Microsoft Azure,
    Windows Server 2016, cloud data platform solutions, data analytics and data, software-defined data
    centers, server hybrid, infrastructures, and DevOps, private clouds more. This is a new aspect of
    Microsoft certification.
  2.  Mobility: This section is intended for desktop themes and end-user, including planning and managing
    desktop and enterprise applications running with Windows 10, System Center Configuration Manager,
    and Intune.
  3.  Data control and analysis: Currently, this domain includes business intelligence, automotive learning
    technologies, data management, business applications, and Microsoft SQL Server (2016), as well as
    analysis and other Microsoft database technologies. Database development is also essential and involves
    working with developing SQL databases and Transact-SQL. Business applications include a broad range
    of MS Dynamics AX and MS Dynamics 365. Data analysis and management cover a wide range of
    topics, including, large data analytics solutions, cloud data platform solutions, implementation data
    models, database solutions and reports, as well as various aspects of BI (business intelligence) solutions.
  4. The performance: This category includes credentials of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), as well as
    Microsoft performance offerings, such as SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, Skype for Business, and,
    as well as Office 365 services, specifications, and identities.
  5.  Builder application: This is a development-oriented category that includes the use of platforms and
    Microsoft solutions to create compatible software. Topics in this category include testing, design,
    architecture, and Azure-based rendering, HTML5 programming using CSS3 and JavaScript, ASP.NET
    MVC web application development, and all-in-one development management throughout the life of the
    software, etc.
  6.  Business applications: This category includes MS Dynamics 365 platforms and technologies that
    include, customer service, Dynamics 365 for sales, marketing, commerce and distribution, financial
    management (operations and finance), capabilities, retail, and after-sales service applications.
  7.  Basic infrastructure: The core infrastructure is focused on storage, virtualization, identity management,
    modern data centers, and networking system management.
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The certificates in the Microsoft Certificate program contain the following identifications:

 MTA- MS Technology Associate
 MCS- MS Certified Solution Associate
 MCSE- MS Certified Solution Expert
 MCSD- MS Solution Developer
 MOS- MS Office Specialist

Once you pass your first qualifying Microsoft certification exam, you are deemed a Microsoft Certified
Professional (MCP). MCP status provides access to a benefits and exams dashboard, with certificates and
transcripts, downloadable certification logos, promotional offers and lots more. IT professionals who earn
Microsoft certification often receive extra recognition from hiring and supervising managers, and enjoy
improved on-the-job success and promotion opportunities.

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